I have been interested in sex since long before I knew what it was called, but it’s only in the past couple of years that I have really delved into this part of my life.I think of myself as a budding kinkster; I have really only just begun to tiptoe into this area. On this blog, I’ll be documenting my explorations.

There will be posts with “Sex 365” in the title! These will be about trying out new positions, each of which is taken from the book “Sex 365” by Nicole Bailey. This section requires the help of my boyf (occasionally “M”), who is amazing. Go there to check out some adventures, and – who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favourite.

There will be another category entitled “story time” for just that – stories! I like to write about fictional sex too, so that’s where you can check out my erotica if you’re interested.

And LASTLY, there will be a miscellaneous section where I write about stuff I’m reading about, thinking about, doing, etc. in my sexual life. And likely more categories as I get up and running. But for now, those will do! So happy reading! See ya next time.


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