Making Headway

I never thought I liked oral. I love giving it, for sure, but getting it? I don’t know. It was just extra wet and required more careful shaving (back when I used to shave) and it didn’t feel super good. I like a lot of pressure on my clit and I just didn’t think a tongue could do that.

I liked the idea of it, though. That someone would want to kiss me there. Tugging on their hair, maybe catching their eye… the idea of it turned me on. It just never panned out quite how I wanted it to.

Cut to: just over a year ago. I started dating this guy who was SO INTO GOING DOWN ON ME. The first night I stayed over he went down on me for the entirety of Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience. (And that is a long ass album, people.) When he started heading south I considered just stopping him before he passed the bellybutton, but for some reason that I can’t explain, I let him keep going.

He didn’t take off my underwear. That was the first surprising, awesome, difference between this and prior experiences of oral sex. He rubbed his thumb over me, over my silk panties, and kissed my thigh, biting lightly as he ascended towards my pussy. He pushed my underwear aside and bit my outer lip before he started licking my clitoris in firm, smooth circles. I came almost immediately. First time from oral, for me.

The next time he went down on me he used his nose and his chin to press harder, which he had figured out that I like. He actually seemed to enjoy when I grabbed his hair and started to grind against his chin. He moaned with me and moved with me…. it was insanely hot.

That guy turned out to be good for little else, but while we went out I got way more head than I gave, which was basically unheard of for me. He encouraged me to “use [his face] as a live sex toy”, which was a pretty sweet deal, I have to say. I wasn’t used to that kind of submissive behaviour in my partners, mostly because I tend to be subby myself. It was an interesting change of pace, and it made for some great head. (Check back soon for a post on my dom/sub/switch musings and experiments!)

Side note: If that partner re-introduced me to oral, my boyfriend made me fall in love with it. He loves doing it. He is unbelievable good at it. Nobody has made me feel as comfortable with my vagina, as open and relaxed sexually, as this man.

Yesterday he was going down on me and he stopped for a minute to finger me. As he was stroking my clit lightly, inching me closer to an inevitable orgasm, he suddenly sighed and said, “you have such a beautiful pussy.”

Friends – how do you feel about oral? I wanna know! Share your stories in the comments!


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