Take One – Sex365

This Tuesday and Wednesday I was with my boyfriend. On Tuesday night we went to see La La Land and then came home (his) and had sex. A lot. We were going at it as per usual, and then he said, “let’s get out that new book.”  

The new book was Sex 365 – a new sex position for every day. We looked at it in the store and giggled like a couple of kids, and then I said, “should I get it?” He looked at me and said, “hell yes!”So I did.

We tested out three new randomly selected positions, which I have reviewed, blow-by-blow (hehehe), for your education and (hopefully) amusement.

Position 1: the Empress.

He lies down and you climb aboard, sideways. The “hot tip” for this one was to cross your legs, for greater friction but also because that’s how Empresses sit. As we all know.

I quite liked this position, but it was not one that I could do a lot in, despite being on top and theoretically in control. I have a deep vagina, and the full penetration that this position allows was excellent. However, thrusting was a challenge, because it seemed that any direction I moved was too intense for my cervix. But if Boyfriend just thrusted upwards? Oh man. Very good for this lady. But very tiring for him! Basically just pilates for his lower abs and butt. So we switched it up pretty quickly.

Position 2: the bridge

This one was definitely designed for bedrooms like my boyfriend’s. There’s a desk beside the bed, about two feet away, so he put his feet up on that and I sat with my legs hanging over the side of the bed. This one wasn’t too different from regular old girl on top, except that I found it harder to thrust because my legs were just dangling. Also Boyfriend was supporting more of my weight, since I was sitting entirely on him and not on the bed, so I felt like I was hurting his knees. He said it was fine, but we changed around anyway.

Position 3: erotic emporium

Girl on top, leaning back on your arms, feet flat on the bed. Great for g-spot stimulation, but as a result, very intense. I find it hard to move if my g-spot is getting a lot of attention; it’s too much for my brain to deal with. But it was fun anyway, and it transitions pretty easily to doggy style (my fave).

Position 4: technically not a new position but it was a new thing for us – using my butt plug! (Post on that to come. Pun intended.)

While I don’t think that any of these positions will be making it on to my list of regulars anytime soon, experimenting was a whole lot of fun. I felt very close to my partner and very free to experiment. That’s probably what made me feel able to bring up the butt plug I had waiting in my bag. Every new position meant that my boyfriend and I were seeing each other in a new way. Sometimes it was super hot, sometimes it was weird, sometimes it was hilarious. Often it was all of the above. In The Empress I came so hard that I couldn’t keep myself upright on top of him, and I felt him get harder as he watched. The orgasm lasted long enough that eventually he chuckled and said, “you okay up there?” I could barely get it together enough to nod.

All in all, I can’t wait to bust this book out again. It made some already amazing sex even more exciting, bonding, and fun.

Stay tuned for the next Sex365 tale!


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